Harmakhis Wisdom Lynnard “Linny”

Rhodesian Ridgeback Pronkberg Makari Harmakhis Wisdom




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Pedigree: LOI 08/117512 Microchip: 981100000539576 Date of birth: 27.05.2008 Country of birth: Italy Country: Italy Sire: Sarula Lupani Biko Dam: Basha Breeder: Sara Venturelli Owner: Sara Venturelli Color: red wheaten Size: cm  69  Weight:  kg 45


  • Hd: 0
  • Ed: A
  • Ocd: 0
  • Spondilosi:
  • Ltv: 0
  • Heart test: Clear
  • Iva by ecg:
  • Jme: Clear
  • Dm: NN
  • Ridge:
  • EmophiliaB: Clear
  • D-locus: DD
  • B-locus:
  • EOAD: Clear

Selected Reproducer


Frozen Semen available in: Italy, Toronto (Canada), Texas (Usa), Helsinki (Finland).


Sarula Lupani Biko


Young Champions



Italian Champion
Republic of San Marino Champion
International Champion
Champion of Club RRCI 2010
Romanian Champion
Slovenian Champion
Austrian Champion
Reproducer Champion
Slovenian Champion
Finnish Champion

Special Prizes

Mediterranean Winner 2010
TOP DOG 2011